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John ("Robert") Robert Lindstrom
Born September 11, 1871(1871-09-11)[1]
Vallentuna, Stockholm, Sweden
Died October 6, 1952 (aged 81)[2]
Moses Hill Cemetery, Phelps County, Nebraska[3]
Spouse Alma Louisa Spongberg (m. 1895–1952) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.–Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Alma Louisa Spongberg to Johan Robert Lindstrom" Location: (linkback:
Children Elmer Robert Lindstrom
Clarence John Lindstrom
Roy Aldin Lindstrom
Parents Gustaf Lindstrom
Johanna Christina Carlsdotter
Relatives August Julius Lindstrom (Brother)
Carl Gustav Lindstrom (Brother)
Anna Christina Lindstrom (Sister)
Oscar Leonard Lindstrom (Brother)
Otto Rudolf Lindstrom (Brother)
Emil William Lindstrom (Brother)
August Edward Lindstrom (Brother)
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[edit] Land[4]

Robert purchased a school section north of his father Gustaf Lindstrom's original homestead (based on this description of school sections, likely the section directly northwest: Township 7, Range 9, Section 36). After a drought starting in 1894, Robert began having trouble paying his mortgage payments. Following Gustaf Lindstrom's death in 1896, Robert, wife Alma, and son Elmer moved back to Gustaf's homestead and built a second sod house (soddie). Because of the drought, the sod was poor quality and the soddie deteriorated rapidly, and Robert built a frame house.

Robert lindstrom frame house.png

[edit] Photos

Gustav lindstrom and family.png Another lindstrom home.png
 ?? From Lindstrom Book: "When the Ranch was sold in 1920 Dad bought a farm 1.1/5 miles West and a mile South of the Ranch, and this became our new home for the next 12 years. Uncle Oscar supervised the building of it for us, Mother Alma Lindstrom had seen a house near like it, so Uncle Oscar went and looked at the one she had seen and this was the result. Full Basement, Kitchen, Dining Room, living Room, one bed Room and Bath on the first floor and 3 Bed Rooms on the second floor. This picture was taken before the glassed-in front porch was finished in the fall of 1920."
Robert, Alma, Frances, and Delores.png Robert and Alma Lindstrom.png
From Lindstrom Book: "Mother and Dad in the back yard of their new Home with their granddaughters Frances and Delores. When irrigation came in Dad spent many hours making Lath-boxes for the Farmers, they were used to control the water flow to each corn row, they were later replaced by Plastic Siphon Tubes." From Lindstrom Book, "Robert and Alma at their retirement Home at 709 West Ave., Holdrege, NE., after Elmer and Florence got married, Dec. 24, 1939, Dad sold the farm to them, and Mother and Dad moved to Holdrege, at first they rented a place, then in 1940, I enlisted in the Signal Corps Reserve not knowing what the fortunes of War might bring, I purchased this Home for them, with the Title made out with Survivor Ownership listing the three of us. Dad died Oct. 10, 1952, and Mother died Oct. 13, 1977."
Robert, elmer, roy, clarence, and alma lindstrom.png Robert Lindstrom.png
From Lindstrom Book: "The Robert Lindstrom Family Photo taken some time after they had moved to their new Home. Robert, Elmer, Roy, Clarence, and Alma." From Lindstrom Book: "Dad in the farm yard, the barn in the background and the Hog house to his right, Dad enjoyed raising Hogs, although it sometimes was not very profitable, one time during the 30's, Dad and Elmer loaded a male hog that weighed about 350lbs, and took it to the Karney Sale Barn, after paying the Sales Commission, Dad had a Dollar and a half left, then there was the time he got hog colera and lost the entire herd except one."

[edit] Historical Records

  • Robert (age 23) and Alma (age 19) were married on Dec 24, 1895. (Robert's wife and his brother Otto's wife appear to have been sisters.)
  • Robert (age 27), Alma (age 24) and children Elmer R (age 3) and Clarence J (age 2) live in Center, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1900 Federal Census.
  • Robert (age 37), Alma (age 34) and children Elmer (age 13), Clarence (age 12) and Roy Alden (age 6) and unknown John Eckholm (age 28) live in Williamsburg, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1910 Nebraska Census[5]
  • Robert (age 47), Alma (age 43), Elmer (age 23), Clarence (age 22), and Roy (age 16) live in Williamsburg, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1920 Federal Census

[edit] Notes

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