Elmer Robert Lindstrom

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Elmer Robert Lindstrom
Born September 10, 1896(1896-09-10)[1]
Phelps County, Nebraska[2]
Died May 25, 1980 (aged 83)[3]
Resting place Elm Creek Cemetery[4]
Spouse Florence Harris
Parents Johan Robert Lindstrom
Alma Louvisa Spongberg
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[edit] Photos

Elmer and Clarence Lindstrom.png Elmer, clarence, and robert lindstrom.png
From Lindstrom Book: "Elmer and Clarence harvesting Oats, Elmer driving the Wallace Tractor From the 1'st Deering Binder, Clarence operating the Bundle carrier on the 2'nd." From Lindstrom Book, "Stacking Alfalfa, the wind blowing a gale from the South the Temperature near 100, Elmer and Clarence driving the two sweeps, Dad in the stack, John Eckholm sitting on the stacker, I am on the other side driving the stacker team."
Elmer and robert lindstrom.png Elmer Lindstrom.png
From Lindstrom Book: "Stacking Oats, Elmer in the stack laying the Bundles, Robert pitching them to him, I and my cousin Allen Smith clowning at the front of the Hay-rack." From Lindstrom Book: "Elmer's first Row Crop Tractor a Minneapolis Moline 'Universal' it was a two cylinder Front wheel drive, the rear cart was remove-able so you could mount the front end on the equipment you planned to use and drive it from the equipment like a team of horses, I remember one time he was going to use it to run his Corn Sheller, it was in the Winter, the wheel lugs were frozen down, so when he let in the clutch he and the cart went up in the air, he released the clutch and came down so hard he nearly broke the seat spring."
Elmert, Robert, and Roy Lindstrom.png
From Lindstrom Book: "Harvesting Oats with Horse-power, Elmer driving the Binder, Robert on the left and Roy shocking the Oats, my dog Joe in the foreground."

[edit] Historical Records

  • Elmer (age 3) lives with parents Robert (age 27), Alma (age 24) and sibling Clarence J (age 2) in Center, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1900 Federal Census.
  • Elmer (age 13) lives with parents Robert (age 37), Alma (age 34) and siblings Clarence (age 12) and Roy Alden (age 6) and unknown John Eckholm (age 28) in Williamsburg, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1910 Nebraska Census[5]
  • Elmer (age 21) registered for the WWI Draft in 1918. His card states that his father was born in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Elmer (age 23) lives with parents Robert (age 47), Alma (age 43), siblings Clarence (age 22), and Roy (age 16) in Williamsburg, Phelps, Nebraska in the 1920 Federal Census

[edit] Notes

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