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By viewing or otherwise using Family Tree Wiki, you agree to the follow terms and conditions.

Use of Family Tree Wiki is completely voluntary and noncommercial. Family Tree Wiki makes no warranties as to the accuracy of content on this page or the functionality this site. Family Tree Wiki is a free service and should not be used for commercial purposes. Family Tree Wiki is not responsible for any damages caused by the viewing or use of this website.

Family Tree Wiki permits users to post family information which does not violate copyright, privacy, or other laws or contractual restrictions. Use of Family Tree Wiki beyond this purpose is a violation of these terms and conditions. Users agree that content they post becomes the property of Family Tree Wiki; users do not retain property interests in the information they post.

Family Tree Wiki is service provider, providing a free venue for users to post family information. All content on Family Tree Wiki is user-created.

Family Tree Wiki respects intellectual property and makes best efforts to prevent users from posting copyright or otherwise protected content. If you find content on this site that you believe violates intellectual property laws, please report to this to Jim Lindstrom at

Content on this site may only be used, linked to, or cited for noncommercial purposes with proper attribution.

Family Tree Wiki is not liable for any damages this site may cause, including to your personality or reputation, whether under tort, contract, or otherwise. Family Tree Wiki respects user and third party privacy rights. If you find information on this site which offends your sense of privacy, please contact Jim Lindstrom at

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