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Frank Linn in WWII
Franklin John Linn (1911 - 2002) grew up in Shelby, Iowa. After high school, Frank enrolled in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State College in Ames. In his senior year Frank was captain of the Iowa State wrestling team, conference champion, and Midwestern A.A.U champion. He achieved All-American status in 1937 and 1938 in the National Collegiate Championships.

In 1936, Frank was hired to pose for a mural which was being prepared fro the Ames Post Office. Frank posed in the artist, Lowell Houser's home. The theme of the mural was: "The Development of Corn". Frank received fifty cents an hour for his work. The mural still graces the lobby of the Ames Post Office.

Frank was called up to serve in WWII in 1942. He was based in India and Burma and helped care for pack animals in the Army. His war stories tell of fishing with dynamite, secret overnight hunting missions, and encounters with elephants. (more...)

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