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Administrative To-Do[edit]

  1. Decide on on how marriage end dates should appear & revise those documented in other ways (Template talk:Marriage)

Technical To-Do[edit]

  1. Wiki bug: File uploaded but page is empty... (see also File:Hugh_linn_1800_PA_Adams_Cumberland.jpeg and File:Hugh_linn_1800_PA_crawford_toboyne.jpeg. Is it files with the ".jpeg" suffix?)
  2. Wiki bug: Hugh Linn (1753). {{Reflist}} doesn't display when using the googlemaps plugin?
    1. This is apparently a known bug with no resolution

New Feature Ideas[edit]

  1. Categories for place names (see people related to cities, states, countries) (e.g., Category:Path_Valley,_Franklin_County,_Pennsylvania)
  2. Categories for births by year/decade/century (e.g., Category:2000_deaths)
  3. Categories for surname (e.g., Category:Quinnell_surname)
  4. Different namespaces for person, place, family, source, etc? (e.g. Place:Plymouth,_Massachusetts,_United_States, Person:Charles_Quinnell_(1))
  5. Pages (forms) to create new pages/families (e.g., WRG:Start_a_new_page)
  6. Visual representation of someone's immediate family tree (e.g., WikiTree's 'Tree' extension, Wikipedia_talk:Family_trees, rodovid's tree extension)
  7. Advanced search (e.g., SharedTree's search page)
  8. Consider adding a "Personal Stories" section to some pages for easy inputting of stories. The section would invite first-person narrative, which overtime could be integrated into the page's content as was done in Carl Gustav Lindstrom.
  9. Aggregate birthdays and display upcoming/current ones on main or family pages "Today is X's Nth birthday" / "X would have be N years old today"