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Otto Rudolf Lindstrom
Born April 8, 1881(1881-04-08)[1]
Died September 19, 1954 (aged 73)[2]
Resting place Moses Hill, Phelps County, Nebraska[3]
Spouse Anna Cary Spongeberg (m. 1906) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Anna Cary Spongeberg to Otto Rudolf Lindstrom" Location: (linkback:[4]
Children Pauline Gladys Lindstrom
Floyd Kenneth Lindstrom[5]
Parents Gustaf Lindstrom
Johanna Christina Carlsdotter
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[edit] Entry in the Lindstrom Book

Otto Rudolph Lindstrom the fifth son of Gustaf and Johanna Lindstrom was born in Phelps County, May 08, 1881, shortly after the Lindstrom had moved from Kearney, NE to Phelps County.

Otto lived on a farm half mile North and three fourths of a mile West of the homestead after he married Anna Spongberg my mother's sister [n. Roy's mother was Alma Louvisa Spongberg].

Otto and Anna's first daughter, Gladys was a premature still born, their second daughter Pauline Gladys was born Sept. 1, 1909 in Phelps County.

Otto was very fond of horses and could do most any thing with them.

I remember one time we were putting up hay in the meadow next to the river, Otto had trained his team to operate the Over Shot Dane Haystacker without him holding the reins, by just a word from him, after the sweep had the stack, then back up and be ready for another load, that way Otto could help Dad in the Hay Stack.

We had a fellow working for us by the name of Swanquist, who got very jealous of Otto and his team, thinking they had it much easier than he and his mules, Dad finally got tired of his griping, so he told Swanquist that if he could train his mules to work like Otto's team they could change places, one decision my Dad regretted.

The mules pulled up a couple of loads with him ad the reins then they refused to back up any more.

Swanquist beat, cried and cursed in both Swedish and broken English to no avail, finally the mules took off, pulled the empty fork to the top of the stacker, wrapped the rap around the hay stack and up set the haystacker.

The rest of the day was spent repairing the damage, 'moral, never under-estimate the stubbornness of a pair of mules or a Sweed'.

Otto farmed a few years then he had a sale they moved to Holdrege, it was there that their son Floyd Kenneth was born.

Otto worked for a Coal Dealer, delivered coal to the residents of Holdrege, Otto had developed a liquor problem so their marriage ended in separation, Aunt Anna took Floyd with her and moved to Colorado Springs where she had some relatives, Pauline stayed with us for a couple of years and we went to country school together, then Pauline joined her mother in Colorado.

Otto went to Missouri Valley and was gone for a number of years, before returning to Phelps County, he was never able to solve his liquor problem.

Aunt Anna got a job in the laundry at Stratton Home for Children so Pauline and Floyd grew up at the Home, when Pauline and Floyd finished High School in Colorado Springs, Aunt Anna purchased a home in Colorado Springs and worked as a Hair Stylist in a Salon, one time she was nearly electrocuted from a faulty hair drier.

Pauline worked in the office of the City Electric Co., Floyd started his career working for a Produce Co., and was still working there trucking produce to and from California when he was called into the Service during World War 2.

Pauline married William H. Rohe Mar. 18, 1945, her husband operated a Grocery Store for a number of years, then he sold the store and semi retired Pauline and "Bill" enjoyed going to the Gunnison River, fly fishing for trout, Pauline got quite adept at handling a fly-rod, Bill invested his money in discount mortgages, they had one, a Motel that they had to repossess, so they operated it for a couple of years until they were able to resell it.

After her husband died Pauline moved into a High Rise Apartment in Colorado Springs, CO. and still lives there, while I was able to travel I could visit her in the fall of nearly every year, we still keep in touch by phone and 'letter.

[edit] Historical Records

  • Otto's marriage record lists his mother as Johanna Carlson (versus Johanna Christina Carlsdotter). Otto's wife Anna and Otto's brother's (Johan Robert) wife Alma seem to have been sisters.
  • Otto is recorded in the 1910 Federal Census of Phelps County. Otto (29) and his wife, Anna (25), were living with Pauline (1), and Emie Spongberg (23).[6]

[edit] Notes

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