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Dwight Russel Linn
Born May 17, 1901(1901-05-17)
Shelby, Iowa, USA
Died October 15, 1987 (aged 86)
Correctionville, Iowa[1]
Resting place Good Hope Cemetery, Woodbury County, Iowa[2][3]
Spouse Lelia Garnet Bower (m. 1931) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Lelia Garnet Bower to Dwight Russel Linn" Location: (linkback:http://jimlindstrom.com/mediawiki/index.php/Dwight_Russel_Linn) b. 1931
Children Roger Bower Linn
Joseph Dwight Linn
Roy Dean Linn
Parents Franklin Bryce Linn
Hannah Elizabeth Walker
Relatives Harry Deforest Linn (Brother)
Lily Gladys Linn (Sister)
Laura Lavina Linn (Sister)
Hugh Alva Linn (Brother)
Jacob Bryce Linn (Brother)
Mary Fern Linn (Sister)
Franklin John Linn (Brother)
Leslie Leonard Linn (brother)
Samuel Dale Linn (Brother)
Everette Edward Linn (Brother)
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[edit] The Clan Linn in the Twentieth Century Entry

Dwight Russel Linn was born 17 May 1901. Following his graduation from Shelby High School with the class of 1919 he pitched for several semi-pro baseball teams. Dwight attended Iowa State College, where he studied agriculture. He spent several years working in the western states: he shocked wheat in Kansas, picked corned in Iowa, picked up potatoes in North Dakota, and picked apples and worked in the sawmills of Washington state.

In 1930, while employed by Ben Osborn of Pierson, Iowa, Dwight met Lelia Garnet Bower. On 10 March 1931 Dwight married Lelia at a private ceremony. After the wedding they visited in Dwight's parents' home at Shelby. Frank and Libbie sent them the following letter after that visit.

Dear Dwight and Lelia,

Dear Lelia, pardon me, but I must write a few lines to Dwight first. Now Dwight, why didn't you let us know when you were to be married? Why didn't you let us know you were coming home with your splendid bride so we could have been ready to have given her and you a hearty welcome. However, that is absolutely all right, Dwight, if you wanted it that way. We were awfully glad to have you come right into your old home laying aside all formalities: just one of us still.

Of course we are happy with you as you start your wedded life. We have all confidence, it will be a perfect success. Will you remember this---he is no super-man, who lives a long, long life with the lady of his choice, never to say or do an intentional unkind thing or act. You can live that kind of married life, Dwight---you owe that much to the lady you have asked to share with you her right for a happy life---we want you always to be kind to Lelia.

Lelia, we are very happy to welcome you into our family. The Linns are in no way an exceptional people. As far as I know they are quite honorable, reasonably hard working, making an honest living, mainly with their own hands. The Linns almost altogether are religious and have Christian Faith. It has been the aim of Mother and myself to maintain the same high standard of Christian living established by our fore-fathers. We are glad Dwight has brought into the Linn family a lady with such fine character as is yours. We believe you will find the Linns congenial. Be at home with us, Lelia, and remember, wherever you are, our prayer is that you will be happy and that our son will always be to you, all a good son should be to his chosen life companion.

With our best wishes,

Mother and Father

Lelia attended Iowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls, Iowa to earn her teacher's certificate. She taught in one-room country schools for two years prior to their marriage. They first farmed the land of Lloyd Bower, Lelia's father, and soon purchased land of their own. Dwight was a very successful farmer, keeping active in the business until his death at the age of eighty-six years in 1987.[4]

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