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Mary Fern ("Fern) Linn
Born March 20, 1910(1910-03-20)[1]
Shelby, Iowa, USA[2]
Spouse Elzie Orval Robinson (m. 1943–) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Elzie Orval Robinson to Mary Fern Linn" Location: (linkback:[3]
Children Keith Allan Robinson
Richard Hugh Robinson[4]
Parents Franklin Bryce Linn
Hannah Elizabeth Linn
Relatives Harry Deforest Linn (Brother)
Dwight Russel Linn (Brother)
Lily Gladys Linn (Sister)
Laura Lavina Linn (Sister)
Hugh Alva Linn (Brother)
Jacob Bryce Linn (Brother)
Franklin John Linn (Brother)
Leslie Leonard Linn (brother)
Samuel Dale Linn (Brother)
Everette Edward Linn (Brother)
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[edit] Entry in The Clan Linn in the Twentieth Century

Mary Fern Linn (h7767) was born in Shelby, Iowa on 20 March 1910. She attended Iowa State College and taught in rural Iowa schools for several years, then returned to Iowa State and earned a B.S. degree in home economics education. She taught for many years in and around the Dayton, Iowa community. Fern married Elzie Orval Robinson in Shelby on 29 May 1943. Elzie managed a lumber yard in Dayton. They raised two sons: Keith Allen Robinson, and Richard Hugh Robinson.

[edit] Photos

Richard keith fern and elzie linn.JPG Mary linn and elzie robinson.jpeg Mary linn high school grad.jpg
(left-to-right) Richard, Keith, Fern, and Elzie Fern and Elzie Mary (Fern) Linn, Shelby High School, Class of 1928

[edit] Notes

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