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Leslie Leonard Linn
Born August 26, 1913(1913-08-26)[1]
Shelby, Iowa, USA
Died October 29, 2002 (aged 89)[2]
Omaha, Nebraska, USA[3]
Resting place Shelby, Iowa Cemetery[4]
Spouse Grace Kathryn Hoppe (m. 1947–2002) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.–Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Grace Kathryn Hoppe to Leslie Leonard Linn" Location: (linkback:http://jimlindstrom.com/mediawiki/index.php/Leslie_Leonard_Linn)
Children Patricia Kay Linn
Barbara Ruth Linn
Dennis Leslie Linn
Jill Marie Linn
Phyllis Ann Linn
Lora Lee Linn
Parents Franklin Bryce Linn
Hannah Elizabeth Walker
Relatives Harry Deforest Linn (Brother)
Dwight Russel Linn (Brother)
Lily Gladys Linn (Sister)
Laura Lavina Linn (Sister)
Hugh Alva Linn (Brother)
Jacob Bryce Linn (Brother)
Mary Fern Linn (Sister)
Franklin John Linn (Brother)
Samuel Dale Linn (Brother)
Everette Edward Linn (Brother)
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[edit] Linn Farm

Les and Grace lived on the Linn Farm in Shelby, Iowa. It was established by Jacob Booher Linn in 1874, passed down to Franklin Bryce Linn, and then passed down to Leslie Leonard Linn, who ultimately sold it in 1991.

[edit] The Clan Linn in the Twentieth Century Entry

Leslie Leonard Linn was born at Shelby, Iowa on 26 August 1913. Les lived on the home farm and farmed in partnership with his father until Franklin's death in 1946. Les married Grace Kathryn Hoppe on 30 August 1947 in Cushing, Iowa. Grace taught country school before their marriage. Les eventually bought the farm and lived there until retirement. The farm was sold in 1991 and Les and Grace moved into Shelby. They had six children.

[edit] Wedding

According to Jill Marie Linn, after Les and Grace married, they went on a honeymoon in South Dakota. They drove a convertible, four-seater car. In order to help pay for the trip, Les and Grace took two of Les's brothers along with them, who agreed to split the costs.[5]

During this trip, Les and Grace encountered a bear, which approached their car (with Grace in it). Les took a photo (see below).[6]

[edit] Community Leader

Like his father, Les was a member of the Shelby School Board and the Shelby Cemetery Board.[7]

[edit] Photos

Les linn on frank linn's back.jpeg Linn.jpeg Les (5 years old) and sam linn.jpeg
Les riding on his father's back Les as a toddler Les and brother Sam (1918)
Linns3.jpeg Linns1.jpeg Linns2.jpeg
Les with parents, siblings Les with parents, siblings Les with parents, siblings
Les and grace linn wedding.JPG Les linn photoing bear and grace linn on honeymoon.jpeg Linn 1972 reunion.jpeg Linn 1972 people - jill marie linn's handwriting.jpeg
Les and Grace's wedding photo Les taking a photo of a bear approaching his car, with wife Grace in the car. On their honeymoon. Linn family reunion (1972) Jill Marie Linn's writing of who is in the 1972 reunion photo
Railroad construction.jpg
Emailed from Dennis Linn on 1/9/2014. He says, "this is a pic of the construction of the railroad on Dad's (Les Linn's) farm. The concrete structure in the back on the right is that old concrete culvert that had all the Linn names carved into it. Do you remember a similar pic to this one that hung on the south side of the little hallway on the main floor - just across from the upstairs door? I think Robert has that one."

[edit] Notes

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