Yekuti'el Kac

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Yekuti'el Kac
Born Sokolka, Poland[1]
Died 1860s or 1870s[2]
Children Shifra Kac
Esther Kac
Chaya-Tova Kac
Avraham-Zalman Kac
See map of Yekuti'el Kac's descendents and ancestors

Yekuti'el Kac (Katz) had 4 known children: three daughters: Shifra, Esther, Chaya-Tova, and a son named Avraham-Zalman. They were born in the second half of the 19th century.

He is the first known ancestor of our family and was born in the 19th century in Sokolka, a town in northeastern Poland, situated between the cities of Byalistock and Grodno. Sokolka was very close to the Lithuanian border. Jews of the Sokolka area were considered Litvaks. They spoke Yiddish with a Lithuanian accent, and unlike Polish Jews – their gefilte fish was not sweet. Typical of Litvak shtetls, there were few Hassidim in Sokolka, but Zionist movements were very strong. Between the two World Wars, most of the modern Hebrew and Yiddish schools in Poland were located in the eastern part of that country.

There is a Memorial Book of Sokolka (Sefer Sokolka, Jerusalem 1968) written in Hebrew and Yiddish. Some information is available online, also. It’s best to google Jewish Sokolka, Poland).[3]

[edit] Descendants

Both Chaya-Tova and Esther emmigrated to the United States.[4]

[edit] Notes

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