Chaya-Tova Kac

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Chaya-Tova Kac
Born c. 1861[1] or c. 1868[2]
Died July 6, 1929[4]
Resting place Waldheim Cemetery, Forest Park, IL[5]
Spouse Samuel Minkus
Children Meir Minkus
Libby Minkus
Sarah Minkus
Zalman ("John") Minkus[6]
Parents Yekuti'el Kac[7]
See map of Chaya-Tova Kac's descendents and ancestors

Chaya-Tova was probably the oldest child of Yekuti’el Kac. She came to Chicago around 1889. A well-known caterer for Jewish weddings in Chicago, she had a reputation for being very charitable. She was a very observant Orthodox Jew. She had 4 children, and they had a half-brother, Henoch – details are not clear.[8]

[edit] Historical Records

  • John (age 12) lives with his parents Samuel (age 45) and Ida (age 39) and younger sister Sarah (age 5) in the 1900 Federal Census. Notes:
    • "Ida" is a nickname for Chaya-Tova?
    • Ida is listed as having had 7 children, but only 2 are still living
    • Samuel's birthdate is given as Mar 1854; Ida's is Dec 1860; John's is May 1888 (born in Russia); Sarah's is Nov 1894 (born in IL)
    • Samuel's immigration year is 1890 (he's still an alien); Ida's and John are 1893.
    • Their marriage year is 1884
    • Samuel is listed as a "Junk Dealer"
    • John is in school; Sarah is not.
  • Chaya-Tova's death record is listed under the name Ida Joby Minkus on 6 Jul 1929 in Cook County, IL

[edit] Burial

According to the Waldheim Cemetery, "We have a Toby Minkus (Chaya-Tova) who died 07-06-1929 at the age of 66. Buried next to Toby is a Samuel Minkus who died in 08-11-1918 at the age of 60. On the same lot is a Henry Minkus who died 06-26-1923 at the age of 42. There is also a Samuel Goldsmith who died in 10-03-1951 at the age of 69 and a Sarah who died in 02-22-1979 at the age of 90. These people are buried in our B’nai Israel Section Gate 24, Lot 26, Row 11 Graves 1 thru 5."[9] (Note: Zalman Minkus had a cousin named Henry, but it is unclear if this is the same individual.)

[edit] Notes

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