Avraham-Zalman Kac

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Avraham-Zalman Kac
Born c. 1866[1]
Sokolka, Poland[2]
Died 1941[3]
Spouse Yenta-Leah[4]
Children Sarah Freida Kac[5]
Parents Yekuti'el Kac
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He was born in 1866, probably the youngest of the 4 children of Yekuti’el Kac, and grew up in Sokolka. He was orphaned at a young age and started working as a blacksmith, then married Yenta-Leah of Krynki, a town in the vicinity of Sokolka. Her father was a food merchant. Yenta-Leah was educated for her times: able to read and write, she led the other women in prayer, and had a housewares shop in Krynki. Yenta-Leah died in 1931.[6]

Avraham-Zalman Kac immigrated to America in 1937, where he died in 1941. He and his wife Yenta-Leah had one daughter: Sarah Freida.[7]

[edit] Historical Records

  • Avraham-Zalman, age 71, arrived in the US in the New York City, on September 2, 1937. He had left from the port of Southampton, England aboard the S.S. Manhattan. He is listed as a blacksmith. His place of birth is given as Scholka, Poland, and his last address is Krynki, Poland. He is headed to "S Goldsmith"'s residence (his daughter Sarah, who must have immigrated independently).

[edit] Notes

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