William Linn (1780)

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William Linn
Born 1780[1]
Children Hugh William Linn (1818-1900)
Margaret Linn (1820-?)[2]
Parents Hugh Linn
Sarah Widney

From The Clan Linn[edit]

A white-winged messenger was soon on its way to those he had left behind, describing the beauties and advantages of the new home, and soon other souls were stirred to follow in his footsteps. But time was necessary to prepare for a journey which involved the breaking up of so many ties, business and social, and it was not until four years later, 1788, that Hugh Linn started on the long and tedious voyage across the ocean - a voyage then necessitating as many weeks as days at present. In arranging for this long journey it was decided that the second child, William, a lad of eight years, should be left in care of his aunt, Rebecca Lee. [p. 27]

Researching William[edit]

While no record exists of William, his time in Ireland, or who Rebecca Lee is. We do have some clues to his life, though:

  • The aunt, Rebecca Lee, with whom he was left in Ireland, is not a known sibling of William's mother Sarah Widney (see children of Sarah's father James Widney (1728)). She must, instead, be a sister of Hugh Linn's
  • Several of William's children later immigrated to the US