John Henry (1788)

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John Henry
Born 1788[1]
Greene, TN[2]
Died 1865[3]
Henry Cemetery, Putnam, TN[4][5]
Spouse Susannah Weaver (m. 1816) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Susannah Weaver to John Henry (1788)" Location: (linkback: in Rhea County, TEnnessee[6]
Children Lidgard Fine Henry[7]
Nancy (Henry) Whitaker[8]
Parents George Henry (1760 – 1817)
Cynthia Anne Fine (1760 – )[9]

John Henry, the son of George Lafayette Henry and Cynthia Anne "Annie" Fine Henry was born in 1788 in Greene County in the State of North Carolina which is today Cocke County in the State of Tennessee. By the time John Henry was 5 years old his family was living in the Town of Southwest Point in Knox County which at the time was a part of the United States Federal Territory South of the Ohio River. This Town of Southwest Point became the City of Kingston in 1799 and the area became the County of Roane in the State of Tennessee in 1801. In 1807 part of the County of Roane became theCounty of Rhea in the State of Tennessee. John Henry was living close to the present day City of Dayton in the County of Rhea in the State of Tennessee. The 1808 Tax Lists for Rhea County show the name of John Henry with a list of taxables between Richland Creek and Clear Creek.[10]


Henry headstones.jpeg
This photo claims to identify John Henry and wife Susanna's gravestones, in a "Henry Cemetery" named for John

Historical Records[edit]

  • An Ancestry user claims this 1810 land warrant for "John Henry" is for this John Henry[11]. The land warrant is for Cocke, TN, which is 200 miles east of White Co TN.
  • 1811 White County tax list: John Henry listed with Capt. William Smith's Company of Militia, with 30 acres.[12]
  • An Ancestry user claims this marriage certificate on Dec 5, 1816[13] is for John Henry and Susannah. Except the bride's maiden name in the certificate is given as "Day". And the country is "Rhea". Rhea County is only ~50 miles S/E of White, though, which is perhaps plausible.
  • John is listed in White Co, TN in the 1820 census. There are 6 total people in household: 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-44, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-15, and 1 female 16-25.[14]
  • John is listed in this 1825 tax census in White Co, TN.[15]
  • John is listed in White Co, TN in the 1830 census, in a household of 11 people.[16]
  • John is also listed in White Co, TN, in the 1840 census.[17]
  • 1845/55 Putnam County tax list: John Henry listed 4456 acres valued at $1800 One Slave valued at $400. Tax paid $6.60.[18]
  • John is listed in the 1860 census in Putnam Co, TN[19]
  • 1862 Putnam County tax list: John Henry with 1855 acres and a mill valued at $2025.[20]