George Henry (1760)

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George Lafayette Henry
Born 1760[1][2]
Pennsylvania[3] or Virginia[4]
Died March 4, 1817[5][6]
Resting place Henry Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee[7]
Spouse Cynthia Anne Fine (1760 – )[8]
Children John Henry (1788 – 1863)
Joseph Henry (1790 – 1835)
Vinet Fine Henry (1793 – 1863)
Thomas Henry (1795 – )
George W Henry (1798 – 1880)
Parents William Henry (1729 – 1786)
Ann Woods (1734 – 1799)[9]
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  • George served in the Cocke Co., TN militia with Major Peter Fine and his son, Lt. Lidgard Fine. [There is a good explanation of the naming of the children. There are also a number of Cynthia Annes in the family, later,] George Henry was commissioned Ensign in the Cocke Co. Militia on 5 April, 1798.[10]
  • George was part of a militia led by Vinot Fine when they went after some maurading indians. Vinot and another man were killed in the engagement. While they were still under attack by the indians, they buried the two bodys in a frozen creek. A week later, they returned to retrive the bodies, but the creek had thawed and the bodies were gone. The engagement took place approximatly where Interstate 40 crosses Fines Creek right across the Tennessee border in Haywood County North Carolina. [11]
  • "Benton D. Henry is my major source for Henry information. He has researched the Henry family for over thirty years. I quote him directly on most of the entries concerning the Henry's . I received the below quoted text on November 13, 1998. I agree with Benton; accuracy is important. The source for the burial spot for George and "Annie" was another cousin. Benton says: "NOBODY knows for certain where old George HENRY and "Annie" are buried.... Yes, probably one of our cousins said it. But to state flatly that old George is "buried at Henry Cemetery" is playing fast and loose with the facts. No one has found their gravestones there. We do know that old George Henry and our ggg. gf. John Henry b. cl788 were listed together in Capt. Williams' Company in the 1812 "White Co. Tax List; and a deed shows that John Henry was living at the "Headwaters of Calfkiller" in Jan., 1817, shortly before old George died:

According to Benton D. Henry, George served as an Ensign in the Cocke Co,Tennessee Militia in 1798 with a Major Peter Fine, and his son, Lt. Lidgard Fine could suggest a reason for the children's names. It is believed that Vinet Henry b. 1793 was named after Vinet Fine of Cocke Co., who was killed by Indians."[12]

[edit] Historical Records

  • There is a probate record for George Henry in Rhea Co, TN[13]

[edit] Notes

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