Elizabeth Ann Stover

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Elizabeth Ann Stover
Born March 8, 1812(1812-03-08)[1]
Died July 29, 1888 (aged 76)[3]
Resting place Jefferson City Cemetery, Montana[4]
Spouse James Ralston (m. 1827) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: James Ralston to Elizabeth Ann Stover" Location: (linkback:http://jimlindstrom.com/mediawiki/index.php/Elizabeth_Ann_Stover)[5]
Samuel Walker (m. 1839) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Samuel Walker to Elizabeth Ann Stover" Location: (linkback:http://jimlindstrom.com/mediawiki/index.php/Elizabeth_Ann_Stover)[6]
Children Jacob James Walker (1840-1915)
Isaac Charles Walker (1840-1898)
Catherine Walker (1842-1850)
Lucinda Luscinda Walker (1843-?)
Jeremiah Daniel Walker (1845-1922)
Lydia Ann Sophia Walker (1847-1868)
Henry W Walker (1849-1853)
John Samual Walker (1850-1933)[7]
Parents Joseph Stover
Esther Yount[8]
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[edit] Stover Family

Elizabeth Stover comes from the Russell Stover candy family.[9]

[edit] Linn Clan Entry on the Walkers[10]

John Walker, an Ohio farmer, was married to Sarah Burnett, who was three-fourths American Indian. John's three sons: Samuel, James, and Joseph, emigrated to Johnson County, Iowa from Ohio in 1837. Their father followed his sons in 1841. Samuel Walker and his wife, Elizabeth Stover, were members of very respected families which were community leaders in the early pioneer days of Iowa. Their son John S. Walker, married Sarah Woodruff. John and Sarah and their two daughters, Libbie (Hannah Elizabeth) and Hattie, moved to western Iowa and thence to the silver mines of Jefferson City, Montana. Elizabeth Stover Walker, having lost her husband, Samuel, in 1852, accompanied them. Elizabeth died on 29 July 1888 in Jefferson City. The walker family returned to Iowa by wagon, as they had gone. They settled near Shelby, Iowa, where Libbie married Frank B. Linn. The children of Libbie and Frank were 3/64ths American Indian.

  • (Note 1: The above paragraph contains a mistake. "John Walker" should read "James Walker, Sr.")
  • (Note 2: Sarah Burnett's alleged Native American heritage is suspect. See this discussion of the claim.)

[edit] Historical Records

  • Eliabeth, Samuel, 6 kids, and two other adults are listed in the 1850 Iowa City Census
  • Elizabeth and 7 others (6 living kids and 1 other?) are listed in the 1854 Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa Census
  • 1856: Elizabeth was age 48 b IN living in Iowa City Iwp with son Joseph Ralston & their families. 18 yrs in IA a widow.[11]
  • Elizabeth (age 58) was living in Chillicothe, Wapello, Iowa in the 1870 Federal Census along with Jeremiah Walker (age 24), John Walker (age 19), Elizabeth Walker (age 23), Ezra Walker (age 3), Issabelle Walker (age 4), Lawson Walker (age 2), and Eva Walker (age 6 months)
  • Elizabeth (age 68) was living in Freemont, Johnson, Iowa in the 1880 Federal Census. She was living with her granddaughter, Isabel Walekr, age 14 and Ezra Dudley, grandson age 13. She could not read or write. She was blind.

[edit] Notes

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