Walker Graveyard in Hudson, Ohio

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Walker Family Graveyard
Location Hudson, Ohio
Used By Robert Walker III and his descendants
Active Years c. 1812 - c. 1950

According to James Opfell, Robert Walker III was buried in a graveyard on his 160 acre farm. The farm was located in Lot 9, Hudson Township, in what was then Portage County, but is now Summit County[1]. The Summit County chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society states[2]:

This cemetery is believed to have been on the farm of George Walker, whose father, Robert Walker Sr., came to Hudson in 1801 with his four sons. It is believed at least eighteen burials were made in this cemetery, primarily members of the Walker family. Apparently the cemetery was destroyed with tombstones buried under the concrete of a basement when the Brafferton Ave area was developed.

James Opfell continues:

[A grandchild of Robert Walker Jr] was the only stone left after the Walker graveyard was desecrated in the 1950's by the then owner. When I found it, I made the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the stone, too. I have relocated the graveyard, but the remains still are locate at 5447 Stow Road, where two of the original sandstone monument bases reside at the driveway, as souvenirs of the lost graveyard. At the left is a large monument, erected by the heirs of Samuel Walker, on of William's sons, who was one of the organizers of the Maple Lawn Cemetery, which outgrew from the old Darrow burying ground at the northern edge of Stow Twp, about 1 an 1\2 miles west of the Walker graveyard.

Other, more recent Walker gravesites can be found in the Walker Family Cemetery in Johnson County, Iowa, just outside Iowa City.

[edit] Location

The graveyard was located in Hudson, Ohio, and it's present day address is 5447 Stow Road (east of Stow Rd between Barlow and Norton Rds):

[edit] List of People Buried in the Walker Family Graveyard

[edit] Notes

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