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[edit] Who I Am

My nom de plume is Loretta Lynn Layman, but Ann is my middle name and Lynn my maiden name. I am blessed to be one of eleven children of remarkable parents named Milton Omer Lynn and Mary Elizabeth Keever Freeman. I am as American as I am Irish as I am Scottish as I am English as I am Flemish. My blood also carries a smidgen of Welsh and Dutch and a hefty dose of German. To a certain degree, my family's history has made me what I am.

My historical interests are rooted primarily in our sojourn in Scotland and, thus, in Scottish history generally. ("Braveheart" was great entertainment but highly fictionalized.) I spent little time in college but have studied a few hundred Scottish historical writings of the 18th-19th centuries and nearly as many 12th-19th century document extracts at the National Archives of Scotland. Having worked for nearly 30 years as a legal administrative assistant, I understand the importance of citing credible sources and constructing a good argument (not the cat-and-dog kind of row but an analytical presentation of one's views). Since my Lynn ancestors also lived for a time in Ulster, that Irish province also places high on my list of interests.

Finally, I also am actively pursuing the DNA evidence for my family's origins and serve as administrator of a Lynn surname project at Family Tree DNA. Please feel free to contact me at

[edit] What I've Written


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  4. Lynns in the Y-DNA Haplogroup R-U198
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