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[edit] Rebecca Lee

Our sources for Hugh's parents and for Sarah's parents do not list any Rebecca siblings. That's in conflict with this quote from The Clan Linn:

In arranging for this long journey it was decided that the second child, William, a lad of eight years, should be left in care of his aunt, Rebecca Lee. 

Who is this Rebecca Lee?

[edit] Immigration

The Irish Emigration Database seems to be fairly comprehensive in its records of newspaper clippings about ships leaving Ireland for the US. It lists these ships having left for Philadelphia (dates are of articles, not departure):

  • The Brig Two Brothers To Philadelphia (Article on 17-02-1788. Departed Feb 17)
    • Clearly Hugh wasn't aboard this ship as it crashed en route from Boston to NYC: "Date: June 18, 1788 Title: BOSTON, June 6. On Saturday last arrived at Salem Capt. Andrew BOSTON, June 6. On Saturday last arrived at Salem Capt. Andrew Slewman, in 45 days from Cadiz. The night before he sailed a brig arrived there from Philadelphia, belonging to Mr. Codman, of Boston. A letter from Newry mentions a report, that the ship Empress of China was on shore on the Saltees, near Waterford. The Two Brothers , Capt. Fielding, from Boston for New York, was totally lost two days after she left Boston, and four of the crew perished." (Pennsylvania Gazette. June 18, 1788)
  • The Ship Rising Sun To Newcastle & Philadelphia. (Article on 18-01-1788. Intended to departed Apr 1. Looks like they got bumped to May 1?)
  • Ship Alexander, Londonderry to Newcastle & Philadelphia, U.S.A. (Article on 11-03-1788. Departed Apr 25)
  • Brig Maria, Londonderry to US. (Article on 11-03-1788. Departed May 1)
  • Ship Betsey, Londonderry to US. (Article on 01-04-1788. Departed May 1)
  • Ship Friendship, Belfast to Newcastle and Philadelphia, U.S.A. (Article on 11-04-1788. Departed May 1)
  • Ship Mary, Newry to Philadelphia, U.S.A. (Article on 12-04-1788. Departed May 12)
  • Ship Nancy, Londonderry to Newcastle & Philadelphia, U.S.A. (Article on 25-04-1788. Departed May 20)
  • Ship Hannibal, Belfast to Newcastle & Philadelphia, U.S.A. (Article on 25-04-1788. Departed May 25)
  • Ship Sally, for Newcastle and Philadelphia (Article on 09-06-1788. Departed Jul 15)
  • Brigantine Coningham, Derry to Newcastle & Philadelphia, America (Article on 14-07-1788. Departed Jul 14)
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