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Soreh-Hodess Muttele HaCohen ("Sarah Myrtle Caplan")
Born 1875[1]
In or near Vilnius, Lithuania[2]
Died 1962[3]
Spouse Reuben Rabinovich[4]
Children Nathan E. Rabinovich
Rose Rabinovich
Esther Rabinovich
Hyman Rabinovich
Bertha Rabinovich
Ben Rabinovich
Samuel Isaac Rabinovich
Alexander Aaron Rabinovich
Parents Yehiel Beinush HaCohen[5]
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[edit] Biography

Sarah was born in around 1875 in or near Vilna, Lithuania, as Soreh-Hodess Muttele HaCohen. [6] It is speculated that Sarah's mother died, and that Sarah's father married Reuben Rabinovich's mother, Esther Schulman, making Sarah and Reuben step-siblings[7]. Some family stories suggest that Sarah and Reuben were forced to marry, even though Sarah had a boyfriend at the time. Sarah was extremely unhappy about this. After raising eight kids together, Sarah and Reuben separated. Sarah's two daughters (Rose and Esther, neither of whom ever married) took Sarah to Washington, D.C., with them when they went there to find work. (Esther became extremely paranoid and had many cats.)[8]

[edit] Immigration

Sarah immigrated aboard the Blücher
Sarah immigrated to the US in April 1906, along with children Nissen (Nathan)and Roche (Rose). They came aboard the Blücher, which departed Hamburg on April 5 and arrived at Ellis Island twelve days later, on April 17.[9][10] Their names are listed as Rabinoiwicz,Nossen (age 3), Rabinowicz,Roche (age 1), and Rabinowicz,Sore (age 28). The Ellis Island version of their ship's manifest lists their contact as "Reuben Rabinovich" and seems to list (barely legible) "Peoria, IL" as a destination.[11] (Myrna Neims remembers possibly hearing something about Peoria. Based on the 1910 census, however, we know that Sarah and Reuben were in Chicago by then.)

[edit] Historical Records

  • Reuben (alone) immigrated from Russia to the US, arriving at the port of New York on 3/13/1905. (Source: File:Rubin rabinovich naturalization.png)
  • Sarah (along with Nathan and Rose) immigrated from Russia to the US in 1906. (Sources: Ship Manifest; Ellis Island record.)
  • Reuben (age 32) and Sarah (age 34) live in Chicago with their children, Walter (age 10), Rose (age 5), Esther (age 3), and Hyman (age 10 months) in the 1910 Federal Census. Reuben is listed as a plumber. In this census, Reuben is listed as speaking English, but Sarah is listed as Yiddish-speaking.
  • In 1912, Reuben (and Sarah?) was naturalized, at age 32. At this point he lives at 1247 W. 12th Street, Chicago.
  • Reuben (age 40) and Sarah (age 43) live in Chicago with their children Nathan (age 21), Rose (age 14), Esther (age 12), Hyman (age 10), Bertha (age 8), Ben (age 5), Sam (age 3), and Alexander (age 4 months) in the 1920 Federal Census
  • In 1942, Reuben registered for the WWII draft. Reuben's (and Sarah's?) address is 7512 N. Rogers Ave., and he lists his son Ben as a contact, living at 1228 W. Kinze. His employer is listed as "Robbins Co."

[edit] Notes

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