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Robert Walker Sr., I
Born c. 1692[1]
Letterkenney, Ulster, Ireland[2]
Residence Ireland (c. 1692–1732) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.–Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Ireland to Robert Walker I" Location: (linkback:[3]
Children Robert Walker II[4]
Parents James Walker (1660)[5]
See map of Robert Walker I's descendents and ancestors

[edit] Beginnings in Scotland[6]

"The earlier Walkers do not have good dates, so we use Robert Walker b.abt 1630 [Robert I's grandfather]. He was the first we know about. We believe that our ancestor Robert Walker lived in Scotland, Torbolton, Ayrshire before 1665, and fared well until the restoration when he was arrested and fined for selling and 'weaving lining cloth' in defiance of English laws pertaining to Scottish persons. It was prohibited by newly enforced regulations promulgated by the Restored Monarchy."

"He was raised near Glasgow, Scotland. Migrated to Ireland, signed allegiance to King William at the siege of Londonderry, 1688-9. In 1689 he and his son, James b abt 1660 are on the rolls of inhabitants of Londonderry, Ulster, at the time of the siege, by forces under James II and Lord Tyrconel."

"In 1718, a group of Ulster Scots, two Roberts [Robert I's grandfather], a William and a James Walker [Robert I's father] were among those living in N Ireland who petitioned Gov. Schute of Massachusetts for permission to immigrate to the American colonies, which request was subsequently granted."

"With six of James Walker's sons taking advantage beginning after 1730, three, James Henry and Andrew locating east of the Susquehanna River, and three others Samuel, Robert [Robert I] and William on the western side. Estates are in court records for those east, but there are none for the three western Walkers."

[edit] Other Records

  • Robert Walker is listed in the Tax Lists for East Pennsborough Township, PA in 1750.[7]
  • Robert Walker is the witness on William Dunlap's will in West Pennsborough in 1759.[8]

[edit] Notes

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