Platte Valley Cemetery

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Platte Valley Cemetery
Aliases Pioneer Cemetery, Holmes Cemetery
Location Phelps County, Nebraska
Active Years c. 1881[1] - present
Maintained By Platte Valley Cemetery Association
Legal Description SW1/4 20-8-19 Williamsburg[2]

The Platte Valley Cemetery, also known as simply as Pioneer Cemetery, is located four miles west and two miles north of Gustaf Lindstrom's original sod house. The cemetery was deeded from the Hardinger family to the Platte Valley Cemetery Association in 1899.

Sometime in the mid-twentieth century, participation in the Platte Valley Cemetery Association thinned, and Nona Kirkpatrick assumed primarily management of the cemetery. In approximately 1968, Nona Kirkpatrick transferred management of the cemetery to Aline Lindstrom. Aline managed the cemetery until about 2002, when ailing health required her to transfer management to her son, Dean Lindstrom. In 2011, Dean reorganized a meeting of Platte Valley Cemetery Association, which elected Larry Lindstrom to serve as Chairman of the association. Since 2011, the Platte Valley Cemetery Association has made substantial efforts to revitalize the cemetery, including clearing brush, trimming trees, and erecting a new front fence and entrance gate.

[edit] Location

  • Postal Address: 746 Rd (btw H RD & G Rd); Phelps County, NE, 68958
  • GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 40.642442, Longitude: -99.503397
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