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Jean ("Eugene") Bernstein
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Born November 26, 1880(1880-11-26)[1]
Died c. 1930-1937[3]
Resting place Waldheim Cemetery, Forest Park, IL[4]
Residence Bacău, Romania (1880–1900) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.–Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Bacău, Romania to Jean Bernstein (1880)" Location: (linkback:
Elgin, Illinois (1900) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Elgin, Illinois to Jean Bernstein (1880)" Location: (linkback:
Spouse Minnie Simon (m. c. 1901–) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Minnie Simon to Jean Bernstein (1880)" Location: (linkback:
Children Reva Bernstein (b. c. 1904)
Lillian Bernstein (c. 1905 - c. 1911)
Isabelle Bernstein (b. 1906)
Adolph Bernstein (b. 1908)
Morris Bernstein (b. 1911)
Beatrice Bernstein (b. c. 1916)[5]
Parents Avram Bernstein
Chia ("Carolina") Rosenberg[6]

Eugene immigrated, from Bacău, Romania. His father's grave is in Bucharest, Romania.

It is believed that Eugene got started in America in Kenosha, Wisconsin, later moving to Elgin. Isabelle appears to have been born in Wisconsin in 1906, whereas Adolph was born in Elgin in 1908. Therefore, Eugene was probably in Kenosha from 1900 until around 1907, and in Elgin thereafter. (Note: This casts doubt on the "Max Bernstein" marriage in 1901; Jean and Minnie would have still been in Wisconsin. On the other hand, Kenosha and Elgin are both near the border, and Jean and Minnie were renting in 1920, which suggests they could easily have bounced around every couple years, possible across the state line.)


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In November 1900, Jean left from La Havre, France, aboard the SS La Lorraine (left)[7]. He gave his place of last residence as Paris and classified himself as "student". The day before his 20th birthday, on November 25, 1900, he arrived in New York and entered via Ellis Island[8].

According to the ship manifest, Jean was headed to his cousin's place. His cousin, Seth (or Josh or Jeff or John) Golden lived in Manhattan's lower east side, at 83 Eldridge Street.

Historical Records[edit]

Groom Bride Date Vol./Page License No. County
    • There is an announcement of this in the Chicago Daily Tribune on 2/15/1901. It lists Max as 24 and Minnie as 19. These don't match up with the expected ages of Jean and Minnie, who would have been about 21 and 19.
  • Jean (age 29), Minnie (age 27), and children Reva (age 7), Lilly (age 4), Isabelle (age 3), Abraham (age 1 year, 3 months) live in Elgin, Illinois in the 1910 Federal Census. Jean and Minnie have been married 8 years. They have had 4 children, all still living. Reva was born in New York, and Lilly, Isabelle, and Abraham were all born in Illinois. Jean immigrated in 1899, and Minnie in 1900. Jean is listed as a self-employed Fruit Salesman.
  • Jean's (age 37) WWI Draft papers. Address: 219 Summit, Elgin, Kane, Illinois. B'day: Nov 26, 1880. Occupation: Fruits/produce. Nearest Relative: Minnie Bernstein
  • Jean (age 39), Winnie, Reva (age 16), Isabelle (age 13), Adolph (age 11), Morris (age 8), and Beatrice (age 4) live in Elgin, Kane, Illinois in the 1920 Federal Census. They are renting their home. Isabelle, Adolph, and Morris (but not Reva?) attended school in the last year. All can read/write. Jean born in Romania (as are parents). Winnie born in Austria (as are parents). Reva, Adolph, Morris and Beatrice born in Illinois; Isabelle born in Wisconsin?
  • Jean's naturalization card. Birth date: Nov 26, 1880. Date of naturalization: June 8, 1921. Address: 219 Summit St. (Elgin, Kane, Illinois). Country of birth: Romania.
  • Eugene (age 49), Minnie (age 49), Eabel (age 23), Morris (age 18), Beatrice (age 14) live in Elgin, Kane, Illinois in the 1930 Federal Census. The family lives in a home valued at $7,500. Eugene and Minne got married at 21 years old (c. 1901). All in home are able to read/write. Eabel not in school, but Morris and Beatrice are. Eugene born in Romania (1st language: Romanian), Minnie born in Poland (1st language: Polish). Eabel born in Wisconsin, other children born in Illinois. Both immigrated in 1900 and are naturalized and can speak English. Eugene is a fruit and produce merchant. Minnie not employed. Eabel is a stenographer at a merchant office.


Jean's son Adolph Bernstein apparently made a big deal of telling his son Eugene Bernstein that they were both fourth children and the first son in their families. This corresponds to Lillian, whom we only know from Adolph Bernstein's Family Tree, in which she is listed as "deceased," presumably in infancy or childhood.


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