Esther Kaplowitz (1876)

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Esther Kaplowitz (Maiden name unknown)
Born 1876[1]
Poland or Russia[2]
Spouse Mendel Kaplowitz (m. 1886) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Mendel Kaplowitz to Esther Kaplowitz (1876)" Location: (linkback:[3]
Children Lena Kaplowitz (b. 1899)
Julius Kaplowitz (b. 1891)
Marie Kaplowitz (b. 1894)
Rose Kaplowitz (b. 1897)[4]
See map of Esther Kaplowitz (1876)'s descendents and ancestors

[edit] Immigration

According to Karen Feldberg, "Rose was [...] a baby when they made the ship crossing in 1898. My grandma Lena used to tell me that Rose, a toddler of 2 or so, was scalded by a ship's sailor, who accidentally spilled hot water on her from a wooden bucket he was carrying. Imagine chasing a toddler on the deck of a busy, working ship, where the passengers probably were allowed to get fresh air for short periods during the day, if the seas were calm enough!"

[edit] Historical Records

  • Mendel (age 35) and Esther (age 34) and children Lena (age 10), Julius (age 9), Marie (age 5), and Rose (age 3) and unknown Sam Farbovesky (age 59) in Chicago, Illinois in the 1900 Federal Census. The family came from either Russia or Poland in 1899. The parents were married in 1886. Mendel is a day laborer, and Lena and Julius are in school.
  • Lena (age 21), parents Mendel (age 46) and Esther (age 46) and siblings Julius (age 18), Marie (age 15), Rose (age 13), Sarah (age 9), Phillip (age 6), and Eugene (age 1) live in Chicago, Illinois in the 1910 Federal Census. Notes from Karen Feldberg:
    • Lena was listed as "Lillian", and her sister Sara was listed as "Sylvia". I can only guess that the person giving the info had a thick Yiddish accent and the census taker didn't understand what was said. Lena was 21 & still living at home. She must've married Grandpa John shortly thereafter, as Uncle Al was born to them in 1911.
    • Kaplowitz is mistakenly spelled KOplowitz on this form.
    • Their country of Origin is listed as Russia, as Poland was controlled by Russia at that time.
    • Great-grandpa Mendel's occupation is listed as 'expressman' and odd jobs. Mort says an 'expressman' would've been a package delivery man..i.e., Railway Express. When Grandma Lena was a child immigrant, I know that her father was a peddler with a horse & wagon. Also, when they first came to the U.S. (1898), Lena was 10 & they lived behind their store---a grocery (I think)...with dirt floors and of course, an outhouse in the back.
    • If you've ever visited Mt. Vernon or Monticello, to see how THOSE guys lived 100+ years earlier is remarkable, compared to what the Kaplowitz's early years were like in Chicago. (But, better than in Poland!)
    • Their address was 1004 W. Fourteenth St, just south of the Loop. Coincidently, it is about a mile from where my father's Rabinovich family lived on 13th Street----before my dad was born.

[edit] Notes

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