Cushing Cemetery

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Cushing Cemetery
Location Cushing, Iowa
Used By Local residents
Active Years c. 1911 - present

[edit] Creation of the Cemetery

Georg Carl Volkert contributed land to the Cushing Cemetery. The April 27, 1911 edition of the Correctionville News writes:

A suitable location for Cushing's new cemetery has at last been found. Last year the town council undertook the establishment of a burying ground and decided on a plot of ground on the Organ farm. Chas. Baldwin, the present owner, however, strenuously objected, and the deal fell through. For several years, our German citizens have been agitating a movement of this kind and finally took it into their own hands to provide Cushing with a suitable resting place for the dead. A number of influential members of the Lutheran church met here Saturday and selected a two-acre tract on the Volkert farm adjoining the Stewart place, three-fourth of a mile west of the Lutheran church on the Correctionville road. The owner, Carl Volkert, has already given his consent to deed the ground for consideration of $650.[1]

[edit] Location

[edit] List of People Buried in the Cushing Cemetery

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