Concord Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery

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Concord Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
Aliases Concord Union Cemetery,
United Cemetery
Location Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvanias[1]
Used By Concord Methodist Episcopal Church members
Active Years c. 1815[2]


[edit] Overview

The Concord Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery is in Concord, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It is also known as Concord Union Cemetery (United Cemetery ?).

"The first Methodist Church was built on the land of Mr. [James] Widney, in what is now the Methodist cemetery, lying south of Concord, on the road to Doylesburg."[3]

[edit] Location claims[4] the location is: Latitude: 40.24378, Longitude: -77.70243.

However, Google labels that location as the "United Cemetery." Another cemetery (tombstones visible on the satellite photo) is located directly north of the United Cemetery. This northern cemetery, located at 40.246745N, 77.702115W, might be the actual location of Hugh and Sarah Linn.

[edit] People Buried in the Cemetery

[edit] Notes

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