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Clarence Bernard Nelson
Born January 27, 1888(1888-01-27)[1]
Humboldt County, Iowa, USA
Died May 15, 1971 (aged 83)
Vista, California, USA
Resting place Howardville Cemetery, Floyd County, Iowa, USA[2]
Spouse Gertie Mae Thompson (m. 1892) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Gertie Mae Thompson to Clarence Bernard Nelson" Location: (linkback:, Shelby County, Iowa, USA
Children Edith Lucille Nelson
Bernard William Nelson
Genevieve Clarice Nelson
Jacob Merle Nelson
Charles Matthew Nelson
Robert Edwin Nelson
Parents Matt Nelson
Matena Christina Madison
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[edit] Nelson-Madison Heritage Entry

Clarence and Gertie were married January 25, 1911 at her parent's home. The younger brothers and sisters were dismissed from school early, met at the door by Grandma Thompson who proceeded to wash their hands and faces very hurriedly, then the wedding was ready to proceed.

Rev. Cole, a Christian Church minister married them and the witnesses were Nellie Highland and Uncle Rass Madison. They were married on Grandpa Nelson's 56th birthday.

They lived on a farm south of the Matt Nelson farm, until around 1916 - when they bought an eighty west of Goldfield and moved there. They lived here for twenty years.

They next moved to the Stumph farm southwest of Eagle Grove and lived there for two years. Their next move was to Nashua and they farmed there for seventeen years. They were next to the Little Brown Church, to which they belonged and attended many weddings there.

After this, they bought a farm in Floyd County at Charles City. They were here until 1967, when they sold their farm, and moved to Vista, California where Clarence passed away. Gertie still comes to Charles City and spends her summers here.

They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their Charles City farm on January 25, 1961. It was a bitter cold day, below zero. Edith, Doc, Glenn and Edna were there, and Bob and his family, who lived nearby, were also there.

Clarence was in the hospital at Oceanside when their 60th wedding anniversary came. He was eighty-three two days later.

[edit] Genealogy Record from Nelson-Madison Heritage

Father - Matt Nelson (January 25, 1855 - March 6, 1940) Mother - Matena Christina Nelson (October 31, 1858 - October 5, 1941)

Children: C - Clarence Bernard Nelson (January 27, 1888 (Humboldt County) - May 15, 1971 (buried: Howardville Cemetery, Floyd County)[3]

Married Gertie Mae Thomspon (December 27, 1892 (Shelby County) - 1987 (buried: Howardville Cemetery, Floyd County)[4]
C1: Edith Lucille Nelson (February 25, 1912 (Humboldt County) - February, 25, 2001)
Married Hugh Alva Linn (November 11, 1904 (Shelby County) - June 26, 1971 (buried: Shelby Cemetery, Shelby, Iowa[5])), June 1, 1932>
C2: Bernard William Nelson (January 9, 1915 (Humboldt County) - )
Married Hulda Gerling (born in Germany), May 1937[6]
C2a: Raul Conrad Nelson
C2b: Rena Carlene Nelson
C2c: Rita Mae Nelson (Dec. 18, 1938 (San Diego, California) - Nov. 15, 2004)[7]
C3: Genevieve Clarice Nelson (December 27, 1916 (Wright County) - )
Married Dwight Hall, divorced
Married Jack Farthling
C4: Jacob Merle Nelson (May 31, 1919 (Wright County) - November 16, 1949 (buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Nashua, Iowa[8]))
Married Irma Lorraine Knapp (February 17, 1918 (Nashua) - ), January 25, 1941, Nashua
C5: Charles Matthew Nelson (May 23, 1924 (Wright County) - )
Married Lorraine Jean Henrichs (March 18, 1928 (Humboldt County) - ), August 25, 1946, divorced
Married Jan Ballen
C6: Robert Edwin Nelson (May 10, 1927 (Wright County) - )
Married Frances Mary Etter (April 17, 1930 - September 21, 1963 (buried: Emley, MN)
Married Rosena Brack Paten (c. 1964-5), divorced

[edit] Notes

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