Cambridge Milton Linn (1889)

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Cambridge Milton Linn (aka Milton C. Lynn)
Born September 16, 1889(1889-09-16)[1]
Boonesboro, Maryland [2]
Died April 24, 1973 (aged 83)[3]
Resting place Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County, Maryland [4]
Spouse Jane Butler Swain (m. 1909) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Jane Butler Swain to Cambridge Milton Linn (1889)" Location: (linkback:[5]
Children Milton Omer Lynn (1909)
Ellsworth Cambridge Lynn (1911)
Harold Eugene Lynn (1912)
Genevieve Irene Lynn (1914)
Parents Alexander Lee Linn (1858)
Elizabeth Jane Danner
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[edit] Entry in Clan Linn[7]

Written by Loretta Lynn-Layman and Pattie Lynn-Blevins

Alexander Linn's son, was married in 1909. Here our grandfather gave his name as Milton C. Lynn , rather than Cambridge M. Linn. From that time on, every record of him lists the surname Lynn and the given name Cambridge or Milton.

Linn was a family of strict Christian principle whose material legacy had been denied out grandfather. Lynn was a prominent western Maryland family with members who had served notably in the Civil War, the American Revolution, and the British wars in Ireland. Did our grandfather wish to associate himself with a new family as he disassociated from the old?

His brothers and sisters also took the name Lynn, and most of the family forgot that it had ever been different. The ancestors that came before should be remembered, however, and the spelling of the name is significant only so far as it has enabled us accurately to trace those ancestors. What is more important is that, in spite of the change our grandfather made, and the trying times surrounding it, a seed of the spirit of the Clan Linn survived. It survived years of gloom that fell upon hearts untempered by the love of God. Most of those who lived in that gloom never knew the light. Death came early to some who lived unwisely, to one through a desperate act of self-destruction. Of all our grandfather's children, only only had children of his own. Thankfully in that one, the seed remained in the shadow, awaiting the proper season.

[edit] Notes

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