Betty Grace Schneider

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Betty Grace Schneider
Born May 19, 1948(1948-05-19)[1]
Gregg County, Texas[2]
Parents William Antone Schneider
Nora Ethel Henry[3]
See map of Betty Grace Schneider's descendents and ancestors
  • Has been married at least twice[4]
  • Currently lives in New York State, possibly Albany[5]

Randall Eugene Lindstrom's last known contact information for Betty Grace is:

  • Betty Grace Ruberto
  • 530 N. Legion Dr.
  • Buffalo, NY 14210
  • (716) 826-0793

Interestingly, Ancestry has a listing for a Grace Ruberto at exactly that address:

  • Name: Grace Ruberto
  • Address: 530 N Legion Dr, Buffalo, NY 14210-2452

And Ancestry has a second listing for a Grace J Ruberto at that address that ties Grace to a birthdate that seems reasonable:

  • Name: Grace J Ruberto
  • Birth Date: 3 Jul 1941
  • Address: 47 Roanoke Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14210-1809

However... Ancestry has a listing stating that a Grace Ruberto of Buffalo, matching that birthdate, died in 1987:

    • Name: Grace Ruberto
    • SSN: 065-32-6615
    • Last Residence: 14210 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States of America
    • Born: 3 Jul 1941
    • Last Benefit: 14210 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States of America
    • Died: May 1987
    • State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1956-1957)

A Richard F Ruberto Jr. lives/lived at the same address:

  • Name: Richard F Ruberto Jr
  • Birth Date: 26 Oct 1938
  • Address: 530 N Legion Dr, Buffalo, NY, 14210-2452 (1992)

[edit] Historical Records

  • Betty Grace was born 19 May 1948 in Gregg County, Texas.

[edit] Notes

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