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Ambrose Burnside Linn
Born October 6, 1865(1865-10-06)[1]
Springfield Township, Huntingdon County, PA[2]
Died August 6, 1945 (aged 79)[3]
Resting place Howell Cemetery, Howell Township, Hand County, South Dakota[4][5][6]
Spouse Alice Kilpatrick (m. 1891) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Alice Kilpatrick to Ambrose Burnside Linn" Location: (linkback:
Children Hester Linn (1892 - )
Alice Blanche Linn (1906 - )
Parents Jacob Booher Linn
Hester Ann Chilcoat
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[edit] Ambrose's Land in Hand County, South Dakota

[Ambrose's father, Jacob Booher Linn,] left his farm [in Shelby] in the hands of his son, McKendree, in 1881, and moved to Hand County, South Dakota, where, taking up 480 acres, he remained for four years. He then placed his Dakota land in the hands of his sons, Ambrose and McKendree, who now own 800 acres and control about 3,000 more as a ranch. Returning to Shelby, he remained there until his decease, in 1893.[7]

As of 1912, Ambrose owned several tracts of land in Linn Township, Hand County, South Dakota[8]:

Owner Range Township Section
Linn, A.B. 116N 67W 33
Linn, A.B. & H.H. 116N 67W 31
Linn, A.B. & K.M. 116N 67W 19
Linn, H. 116N 67W 32
Linn, K.M. 116N 67W 29

Both Ambrose and Kenny are buried in Howell Cemetery in Hand County.

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