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My page on this site is James Brian Lindstrom. My email is

Current Projects[edit]

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  • Try to find A.J. Vaughn in Swedish church records. I tried locating his birth record in Kalmar County, searching from the top, down through the end of Misterhult Parish. Pick up there next time.
  • Revisit Reuben Rabinovich's page
  • Trying to see if I can dig up anything about William Linn's children give clues about William's or Hugh Linn's lives.
  • Figuring out what other documents may exist in Pennsylvania about the Linns.
    • I got a few pages of Wills from the Mercer County courthouse (see James Linn), but they unfortunately didn't have any original signatures or new information on them
    • Give the Franklin County Archives a call (717-709-7218) to ask about their services. It's only a 4 hr drive to get there. They might have death certificates, wills, deeds from Hugh/Sarah. Check Eric's email for notes on his previous visit.
  • I'd eventually like to get to NARA to see if they have any interesting records we haven't come across.
    • Would they have passenger lists for Hugh Linn's ship?