The Clan Linn

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The Clan Linn was written by Dr. George Wilds Linn in 1905. The author gathered information from his grandfather Hugh Linn II, son of Hugh Linn the immigrant, and from other relatives then living.

It is available on and Google Books.


Research by Loretta Lynn (User:annlynn9) has raised doubts about Dr. Linn's account of Widney genealogy:

As Dr. Linn wrote, "The data on which this book rests are to be found in a series of notes made by the author more than forty years ago as they were dictated to him by his grandparents, Hugh Linn [2nd] and his wife, Ann (Widney) Linn, both of them at that time eighty years of age. Additional notes were also made as dictated by his great aunt, Miss Jane Widney, about the same time.” [George Wilds Linn, p. 11]. While the Widneys may have descended from a Colonel Widney who fought at the 1690 Battle of the Boyne, substantial evidence has been discovered which suggests that Dr. Linn and/or his above-mentioned elders merely inferred from that historic event that the Widneys were Dutch. The fact is that the army of William of Orange of Holland was supported at the Boyne by two regiments of Ulster Scots as well as other Scots, English, and French. The Widneys were in Ulster at least 69 years prior to the Boyne. See In Search of Colonel Widney And the Family in Ireland Through the End of the Eighteenth Century.

(See also Accuracy of Widney Genealogy, which is included in pages to note this criticism and refer to this page.)