Simon Abramovici

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Simon Abramovici
Born c. 1895[1]
Resting place Israel
Spouse Rosalie Rolling (m. ?–) «Did not recognize date. Try slightly modifying the date in the first parameter.»"Marriage: Rosalie Rolling to Simon Abramovici" Location: (linkback:
Children Raphael Abramovici[2]
Parents Raphael Abramovici
Betty Bernstein[3]

Simon was involved in customs clearance, etc when in Romania[4].

Simon's son, Rafael, was brought to Israel along with his cousin Uzia Galil by "Youth Aliyah." Raphael was employed by "Sonol" in Israel. He served as a captain in the Israeli Armed Forces in the War of Independence, Sinai Campaign of 1956 and War of 1967 (Jordan Campaign).[5]

Abramovici's and Rolling's

Dina and her brother Simon intermarried with Maurice and her sister Rosalie:

    Betty Bernstein----+---Raphael Abramovici            Carolina ? (Rolling)---+---Osias Rolling
                       |                                                        |
                       |                                                        |
             +---------+-----------+                               +------------+-----+
             |                     |                               |                  | 
     Simon Abramovici   Dina Abramovici (Rolling)          Maurice Rolling     Rosalie Rolling
                  \              \                           /                  /
                   \              +--------(married)--------+                  /
                    \                                                         /


Simon postcard 1912 front.jpeg Simon postcard 1912 back.jpeg
Postcard to Jean Bernstein, 1912 (Front) Postcard to Jean Bernstein, 1912 (Back)