Shelby Township Cemetery

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Shelby Township Cemetery
Location Shelby, Iowa
Used By Local residents
Active Years c. 1854[1] - present
Maintained By Frank Linn (early 20th century)
Les Linn (mid-late 20th century)

The Shelby Cemetery has been a Linn family meeting point for years. Frank Linn and his son Les were each caretakers of the cemetery and members of its leadership board. Franklin was responsible for building the pond at the entrance to the cemetery. The bench next to the pond was constructed as a memorial to Les. The main Linn plot, where Jacob and Hester are buried along with many of their children, is immediately west of the cemetery office.


A map of the Shelby Township Cemetery:

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People Buried in the Shelby Cemetery[edit]

The Iowa Gravestone Project has photos of 3,727 gravestones in the Shelby cemetery. has 2,654 entries.

Pictures of the Shelby Cemetery[edit]

ShelbyCemetery1.jpg ShelbyCemetery2.jpg
Cemetery Entrance and Office Entrance Pond, Bench, and Cemetery Office