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Carl J. Peterson
Born September 21, 1825(1825-09-21)[1]
Died August 24, 1894 (aged 68)[3]
Resting place Platte Valley Cemetery, Phelps County, Nebraska[4]
Spouse Christina S. Andersdotter (1827-1856)[5]
Maria Sophia Nilsdotter (1835 - 1889)[6]
Children Oliva Sophie Peterson (1853-1854)[7]
Matilda Swan Peterson (c. 1855)
Abby Peterson (c. 1859)
Charles Peterson (c. 1861)
Mary Peterson (c. 1863)
Peter Peterson (c. 1867)[8]
Selma Peterson (c. 1864)
Albert Peterson (c. 1867)
Emily C. Peterson (c. 1869 - 1958[9]
Oscar Peterson (c. 1871 - 1942[10])
Emanuel Peterson (c. 1873)
Luther Peterson (c. 1877)[11]
Alcott Peterson (c. 1866 - 1922[12])
Victor Peterson (c. 1873)
Arthur Peterson (c. 1882 - 1967[13])[14]
Parents Peter Danielson (1769-1834)
Marja Svensdotter (1780-1861)[15]
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[edit] Spouses

Carl was married twice. He was first married to Christina S. Andersdotter (1827-1856), who died a year after the birth of their daughter Matilda[16]. Carl subsequently remarried to Maria Sophia Nilsdotter (1835 - 1889)[17].

[edit] Immigration

In the 1885 Nebraska Census, Carl's 19 year old son Alcott is listed as born in Sweden, but his 16 year old daughter Emma is listed as born in Illinois. This means the family immigrated from Sweden to Illinois between 1866 and 1869. Carl, Maria, and four of their children (Ebba (Abby) Susanna, Charles Ferdinand, Selma Maria, and Alcott Nils) immigrated together[18].

In the same census, Carl's 12 year old son Victor is born in Illinois, but his 8 year old son Luther was born in Nebraska. This means the family moved from Illinois to Nebraska between 1873 and 1877.

[edit] Historical Records

  • In the 1870 Federal Census, Tilda (age 15, born c. 1855) lives with parents Charles Peterson (age 44, born c. 1826) and Mary Peterson (age 33, born c. 1837) and siblings Abby (age 11), Charles (age 9), Mary (age 7) and Peter (age 3) in Kelly, Warren County, Illinois, 12 miles northwest of Galesburg. Charles is a farmer, and he and Mary were born in Sweden.
  • In the 1880 Federal Census, there is a Charles Peterson (age 55, born c. 1825) married to a Mary Peterson (age 45, born c. 1835), living in Williamsburg, Phelps, Nebraska. Years are an exact match with the gravestones in platte Valley Cemetery. The children overlap nicely with the children listed for Carl J. and Maria Sophia Peterson on Darlene Doane's FamilyTreeMaker: Charles Peterson (age 18), Selma Peterson (age 16), Albert Peterson (age 13), Emily Peterson (age 11), Osgar Peterson (age 9), Emanuel Peterson (age 7), Luther Peterson (age 3)
  • In the 1885 Nebraska Census, there is a Charles Peterson (age 65, born c. 1820) married to a Mary Peterson (age 48, born c. 1837), living in Westmark Twp, Phelps, Nebraska. This could be the people whose gravestones appear in the Platte Valley Cemetery. (Other Swedish Carl's did indeed go by Charles or Charlie; and Mary is a close match for Maria Sophia. The birth dates are a 3-5 years off, though.)

[edit] Notes

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