1872 Indenture from Hugh W Linn to George W Linn

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Assignment: Hugh W Linn to George W Linn[1][edit]

[???] [Rev. Stamp?] $1.00 [canceled?], this indenture, made the thirtieth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy two, between Hugh W Linn, of St. Louis, Missouri, son and heir at law of James W. Linn, late of Concord in Franklin county Pennsylvania, of the one part, and George W. Linn of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, son and heir at law of James W. Linn, aforesaid, of the second part. Whereas the said James W. Linn was in his lifetime and at the time of his [???] in Concord in Franklin County Pennsylvania and of a certain [mill? hill?] property situated in said County and Whereas Maria Linn [???] and widow of the said James W. Linn became endowed with one [???] of the lands [???] and [mill? hill?] property aforesaid and still remains endowed with the same for the term of her material life. Now this indenture witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar lawful money of the United States [???] in [??] paid and also that the said George W. Linn shall upon the death of the [???] of the said Maria Linn give unto the said Hugh W. Linn credit for six hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty six and two thirds cents ($666.66 2/3) upon a certain promissory note of fifteen hundred dollars bearing a date of September 2 1868 drawn by the said Hugh W. Linn in favor of the said George W. Linn hath granted, bargained, sold, released and quit claimed and by these present doth grant, bargain, sell, remiss and quit claim unto the said George W. Linn and unto his heirs and assigns forever, all his interest in reversion and remainder or otherwise which he now has in or two said property [???]. All that stone and frame Dwelling House and Lot commencing at a post on Main Street in Concord, Franklin County Pennsylvania [???] along said street North seventy four degrees east six perches and seven [tenths?] [in? to?] a post [then?] South seventy five degrees and east [twenty?] one and one half perches [to?] a post. [the…?] [???] and one half [??] West seven and one half perches to a post, [???] North eighty and three fourth degrees West [???] and two [???] perches to a post, [???] north [???] degrees West […. goes on and becomes unreadable, but seems to continue describing the borders of the land ….] [Ultimately signed by Hugh W Linn]


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